Structural Water Restoration

Water Damage Repair Santa Monica

Water Damage Restoration Santa Monica CA locals can depend on!

Untreated flooding and water damage often lead to mold and rot issues that ultimately create a hazardous environment that leaves your home unlivable. That’s why we offer water damage restoration Santa Monica residents can count on to go beyond superficial water removal.

Our crews have the tools and expertise to detect water, remove water, and properly dry formerly saturated parts of a home that aren’t always easy to reach. Our water restoration teams are deployed 24/7 because we understand the stakes of allowing water to sit in key structural areas of your home.

Attic Water Damage Santa Monica

When heavy rains cause water to penetrate your roof to get into your attic, our Santa Monica attic water restoration experts are here to answer the call. We can pump water from your attic before it begins to seep into other areas of your home. Attic flooding and water leaks are especially precarious because they can cause structural pressure that leads to rotting, collapsing framework throughout your home.

Rest assured that our team will show up with the safety gear and equipment necessary to create a safe environment regardless of the type of roofing shingles, insulation, or pipes with which your home or building of any age is equipped.

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Ceiling Water Damage Restoration Santa Monica

Flooding from bad plumbing, leaking tubs and showers, leaking bathroom sinks, and leaking toilets are common problems in two-story homes.

Our crew will show up to stabilize the area to begin the extraction and drying process.

We’ll take every measure possible to preserve the drywall, joists, and other structural elements that are exposed to water damage caused by ceiling leaks.

Wall Water Damage Restoration

Moisture issues inside your walls can often linger for long periods of time before you begin to see the peeling, discoloration, or visible wet spots that are telltale signs of trouble. Common causes of wall water leaks include bursting pipes, leaking pipes, plumbing problems, and moisture buildup in crawl spaces. Our team can help you to detect the source and scope of your wall water issue using professional moisture detectors that point out the moisture imprint that’s been created. In addition to causing warping and peeling, water in your walls can weaken drywall until your home’s structural integrity is compromised. That’s why our team will get to work quickly on draining any water trapped in your walls. Next, we’ll use our industrial-grade drying and dehumidifying tools to air out and ventilate the area.

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Floor Water Damage Restoration

Save your floors with help from the most trusted water damage Santa Monica CA company. Our team offers restoration services for flooding that affects wood floors, tile floors, carpeting, vinyl floors, cement basement floors, concrete garage floors, and more.

Using pumps and vacuums capable of removing thousands of gallons of water from your floors, we’ll help you move forward to the phase of repairing or replacing flooring to restore your home to its original state without mold concerns.