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What can you do when flooding and water damage threaten the safety and structure of your home or business in Santa Monica, California? Get help from the professionals capable of making your property safe and dry again. There’s simply never time to waste when every moment of exposure to water threatens the integrity and safety of your property.

If you’re looking for a dependable water damage restoration service Santa Monica CA, give us a call to talk to a specialist about your project. Our team has the experience, expertise, and commitment to excellence needed to tackle water damage aftermath of all scopes. Our highly trained team shows up with the tools necessary to detect and mitigate water damage from all sources. Discover why we’re the water damage company Santa Monica CA residents trust for fast, crucial cleanup services.

Types of Water Damage

There are many different types of water damage Santa Monica CA residents can experience at their homes and businesses. Rest assured that our team has the tools and expertise needed to address every water disaster affecting various parts of your property. While water comes from many sources, the threats posed by excessive moisture are universally destructive.

Water damage happens when excess water enters your property by any means. As water lingers, it begins to break down and damage all of the materials that keep your house standing. This can result in rotting wood, warped floors, crumbing tile, rusting steel, mold growth, and lingering odors. All of these things can make your property unsafe.


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How does water get into homes? Typically, extensive water damage is caused by a flooding event. However, slow leaks that allow water to pool in areas of your home can also result in water damage. That’s why our water damage restoration services include both flood recovery and water overflow. Here’s a look at the most common types of water damage Santa Monica CA homeowners face:

  • Flooding Caused by Natural Disasters: Floods caused by hurricanes and tornadoes and other weather-related flooding can leave parts of a home submerged under water for extended periods of time. In addition, quick rains can easily flood basements, crawl spaces, and first floors.
  • Flooding and Leaks Caused by Broken or Damaged Pipes: Water damage can even happen on the sunniest of days if your home has a faulty pipe. Rusted or broken pipes represent some of the biggest causes of water damage for California homeowners. It’s not uncommon for a pipe to fail after several decades with seemingly no warning.
  • Leaking Appliances: As appliances age, the hoses that are connected to your home’s plumbing system can begin to weaken and deteriorate. This is why water damage caused by leaking dishwashers, refrigerators, water heaters, and washing machines is fairly common. Leaking appliances are especially precarious because water is in close contact with electrical wiring.
  • Clogged Drains: A simple clog that goes ignored can create serious water damage in a home. Clogged drains cause water to get backed up in drain pipes of plumbing fixtures until the pressure of standing water causes leaks through caulking and seals. Common sources of water damage stemming from clogs include tubs, showers, sinks, and garbage disposals.
  • Burst Pipes: The right conditions can cause water to rush through a compromised pipe, such as when a power outage occurs during below-freezing temperatures. High water pressure can also cause a pipe to burst.
  • Sewage Overflow: Factors like blockages of sewer lines, broken sewer lines, electrical power failures, pumping station malfunctions, and excessive storm water can all cause fixtures to overflow.
  • Soil Shifting: It’s possible for soil shifts to cause pipes to burst. This can be a concern when there’s construction going on around a home.
  • HVAC Leaks: Leaking heaters and air conditioning units can cause flooding in a home.

We have crews available 24/7 to inspect water damage caused by flooding or overflow in the Santa Monica area. Our water damage company Santa Monica CA residents have trusted for years handles all water damage restoration promptly to help mitigate long-term damage as early as possible. Our fast, thorough approach to taking the steps necessary to reduce damage helps our clients to get back to life and business as quickly as possible.

Restoration Process

We know that every second counts when water damage strikes! That’s why our team will act promptly to get the information needed to create a custom plan for extracting water, restoring your property from damage, and doing the cleanup necessary to get you back to feeling safe and comfortable in your own space again.

1. Inspection & assessment

Our trained and committed Santa Monica, California water restoration experts are ready to perform inspections and assessments to determine the best course forward for restoring a property following water damage.

In addition to using the best practices in the industry, we also adhere to all local, state, and federal codes and regulations for water cleanup and restoration. Our ability to rush into action helps our clients to avoid the high costs that can come from delaying the work that needs to be done to extract moisture from a home.

We understand how to look at water damage in a property from a comprehensive angle. In addition to addressing the obvious sources of damage, we can also inspect for hidden damage and dangers. We also have the expertise needed to address all the consequences associated with water exposure in every part of a home.

This allows us to plan custom cleanup and remediation services that take into account the unique characteristics of your property. Our goal is to give you an accurate, complete assessment of the extent and scope of the water damage at your home to help you make an informed decision about how to move forward.

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2. Water Extraction

Remediation and cleanup can’t begin until water extraction has been completed. The fact of the matter is that every minute that water lingers in your home is another minute that your home is being damaged. Prolonged exposure to pooling water can warp wood floors, damage carpet, ruin furniture, destroy paint and drywall, create rust issues, and put stress on the walls of your home’s foundation.

If you’re dealing with any type of active leak, the first step to water extraction is to find, confirm, and shut down the source. One of the reasons why calling in a professional team for this step is so important is that standing in sitting water that has gathered inside your home can be harmful for your health.

In addition, our water damage remediation experts in Santa Monica, California are trained to handle a wide variety of damage and safety issues. We even utilize special detection and diagnostic technology for assessing saturation levels, detecting water that may be pooling in walls and ceilings, and determining if carpet removal is necessary to preserve subflooring.

Once we’ve identified both the source and path of the water in your home, our next priority is to safely extract all moisture using our roster of specialized equipment and safety gear. We customize each strategy for efficiently extracting water from a property using truck-mounted vacuums, submersible pumps, and more.

Our Santa Monica water removal experts are capable of removing thousands of gallons of water. Removing standing water as quickly as possible will help to stop mold and bacteria growth from forming. This quick action can increase the likelihood of salvaging your home from water damage.

3. Water Damage Restoration

Once water damage occurs at your property, you may wonder if it can ever feel like home again. When assessing water damage Santa Monica homes have sustained, our highly trained team is focused on helping our clients to get the information they need to make the best decision for moving forward.

Our goal is always to give you the best, fastest remediation option based on the severity of your property’s water damage while creating minimal disruptions. Once we’ve completed water extraction, the focus is on drying your property to help bring materials in your home back to their normal moisture levels.

Our state-of-the-art industrial-grade drying tools allow us to quickly dry structural components and household items that have been soaked or submerged to reduce the chances for long-term rot and mold that can render some materials unable to be salvaged.

It’s not uncommon for the drying process to take several days. During this period, our experts will be visiting your property to monitor progress. We’ll provide you with updates to set up reasonable expectations regarding the timeline and outcome expected based on our ongoing assessment. 

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4. Cleanup

The cleanup phase of water damage restoration brings it all together to give you back your home or business. When visiting your property to deliver water damage restoration Santa Monica locals rely on to rescue their properties, we’ll operate according to all applicable insurance guidelines. It’s essential to establish a clear baseline for any repairs, reconstructions, or replacements that will need to be done as a result of rot and mold.

During cleanup, our crew cleans all affected materials and surfaces at your property using cleaning tools and products designed to prevent damage. We can focus on restoring surfaces, furniture, appliances, fixtures, carpets, and as many other elements that have survived exposure to water as possible.

We can also safely and responsibly dispose of any damaged items with your approval. We finalize the cleaning process by applying OSHA-approved sanitizing products to prevent odors and debris from resurfacing.

Odor control can be an important part of the cleanup process following water damage. Many people who forgo professional water damage restoration services in Santa Monica, California end up with lingering musty smells that never truly go away. Using portable “air scrubber” systems that filtrate the air inside your home or business to remove lingering odors, we’ll get rid of the telltale smells that signal that water damage has occurred.

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